I’m an information glutton

This article struck a chord with me because I realized that it was talking about me–well not about me but I exhibit the same characteristics. I have gigs of podcasts that have gone unlistened to, tons of RSS feeds never read, saved articles never opened or read, hours of downloaded video that will never be watched–you get the picture. I’ve suffered from the fear that if I don’t attach all these pipelines to myself I’ll miss out on some important piece of vital information that I may need one day in 2058. However, what winds up happening is important information gets buried, and resources are wasted (i.e. disk space and my time trying to manage it) that could be put to better purposes. 

The result is that I feel disorganized and that I am swimming in a mass of confusion that I will never escape from, but reading something like this is somewhat comforting since it shows that the problem is not me but the overabundance of useless and unnecessary information that I have pouring in. The solution therefore is not to better organize the torrent of things I’ll never read or watch or listen to but rather cut them off and pare them down to the bare essentials. Not to sound like a recovering alchoholic but now I have the courage to realize that I wil never know everything and should stop trying.  Speaking of which since I recently realized that I am also a “joiner” am trying to free myself of all the useless Web 2.0 services I’ve signed up for I do feel like I’m in recovery.

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One Comment on “I’m an information glutton”

  1. wraith Says:

    The following isn’t facetious. Your description is me all over. It’s a pathology, like OCD. I’ve wasted literally the last several years of my life doing this — and I mean “all day”, as I don’t have an office life. Intellectually I accept the truism that “this life isn’t a rehearsal”, but I keep treating it that way, i.e. spending all my time getting ready for things I’ll do someday. I wonder if this might be an officially acronymed syndrome, with support groups, etc. …

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