Google Desktop for Mac — Not there yet

Earlier this week, Google released Google Desktop Search for Mac OS X. I like many others wondered first why bother. As ass-y as it can be sometimes, OS X does have Spotlight built in, and indeed Google addressed this by saying Google Desktop compliments Spotlight. Also I wondered if I wanted yet another application endlessly indexing my hard-drive. However, I was interested in seeing if it was better or worse than Spotlight or offered any new functionality. 

I installed, and at first I was kind of digging it. The widget-like interface was nice–as was the way it handled bookmarks and web history. I also liked how results from my hard-drive would appear alongside Google search results from the web. However, it doesn’t appear to follow a lot of OS X programming conventions as detailed here, and it blew up its own index an hour after being installed and couldn’t find anything. I had to do a repair permissions to get it working again. Then on day 2 it would crash, re-spawn, and crash again. I couldn’t deal with it so I uninstalled it. Alas, it was a good idea, but maybe they’ll get better.

Another perspective on GDS.

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